CircAsana Entertainment has been producing circus events in the US, Central America and Canada at resorts, festivals, corporate events, weddings, adult and children’s parties for the past 6 years.

We are happy to help you plan the entertainment for your entire event, produce a specific show for your theme, or simply provide an aerialist, acrobat, fire or LED dancer, Unicorn or Mermaid to wow your guests, maybe even serving them champagne from our portable aerial rig.

We also have extensive experience creating Unicorn and Mermaid Educational Performance Parties, where magical creatures come to teach your little ones Acro, Aerial Yoga and Hula Hoop classes.

We have our own portable aerial rig, and DJ equipment and provide costuming specific to your dream event.

Stunning circus sparkle. Simply amazing.


Excitement for special events

CircAsana's experienced team can create any type of event atmosphere you desire, from elegant corporate events and unique themed parties to children's events.


An array of amazing artists

Our team of Aerialists, Acrobats, Fire and LED dancer's, Clowns, Mermaids, Unicorns and DJ's are happy to help design your perfect event, or provide individual acts to spice up existing plans.


Unthink the impossible

Our most popular offerings include:
* Circus Performance designed specifically for your party theme
* Aerialists (Silks, Double Silks, Unique LED Hula Hoop Aerial Act)
* Aerial Bar Tending
* LED or Fire Dance (Hula Hooping)
* Partner Acrobatic Dance
* Interactive Children's Unicorn or Mermaid themed parties
* DJ & Aerialist Combo Pack

What to Expect


Creation Process

We love that every event is unique.

From the moment you contact us, we'll begin working with you to create a bespoke performance to suit your specific objectives.  

We are here to:

1. Assist identifying the theme and desired acts for your event

2. Maximize your budget, so you get the most performance bang for your buck 

3. Take care of equipment setup and pack-up


Price Range

Aerial Rig Space Requirements

Price Range

USD 500 - USD 5,000

We can customize production to suit your requirements



Aerial Rig Space Requirements

Price Range

USD 1,000,000

All of our performers carry their own insurance, and our rig is insured


Aerial Rig Space Requirements

Aerial Rig Space Requirements

Aerial Rig Space Requirements

23 ft height (20 x 20 footprint)

16 ft height (15 x 15 footprint) 

11 ft height (10 x 10 footprint)


We love to fly

Our most popular service is aerial entertainment. Our Aerialists can choreograph performances to suit your theme, serve your guests drinks from the air, or come and teach circus skills at your bachelorette or kids parties. 

We have truly unique aerial acts, including Aerial Mermaid (aerialist with a mermaid tail) and LED Hula Aerial (aerial with glowing hoops), along with the classic Aerial Silk, Hammock and Lyra performances.

Tell us about your event

We'll jump through the hoops to make it happen